Something beautiful

I had a conversation with a friend recently talking about how sad I was about not loving my body and she told me that she has been doing this new thing where she will kiss a part of her body as a “Thank you” for what you do. That, was so beautiful to hear. I really love that she shared that with me. This conversation reminded me of a yoga class I took one day that really moved me. At the end of the class, the teacher asked us to put our right hand on our heart and our left hand on our belly. She asked us to center our breath and focus on how much our heart does for us, how we should be grateful for its constant work to keep up moving and living. (tearing up as i write this…) this way to think about your body really changed me, but I forgot about that until this conversation with my friend.

So this morning, I went to the gym and had a great cardio workout! Then I came back home and was really sore so  I decided to put on an at home yoga video to stretch and relax my aching muscles. I didn’t feel quite done so I put on some relaxing yoga music and I did some of my favorite stretches. Then, I did what the teacher told us to do. I put my hand on my heart and my belly and i closed my eyes and I focused my energy starting from my feet up and I thanked every part of me:

  • thank you feet for holding me up and getting me around where I need to go even though you hurt sometimes, you keep me up
  • thank you legs for allowing me to walk and although I think you’re too big, you help me dance and move 🙂
  • thank you butt- for being kinda cute and allowing me to shake what my momma gave me
  • thank you stomach-  because even though i think you’re too big as well, you you nourish my body, you also help me breathe and expand when i need to sing ( i stopped and cried when i got to stomach because i could not think of anything nice to say but i did not let my self move on until i was appreciative for something)
  • thank you hips- you may be wide, but you will be perfect for when I have kids, you show what a woman looks like with curves and you will be a perfect spot for a baby to latch on to when i carry them
  • thank you boobs and chest- you will nourish my future child and it is the most beautiful gift
  • thank you arms/ hands- again, i think you’re too large but i could not be able to live life as comfortably as i do without you! you help me write, show my emotions when i talk, drive, anything and everything
  • thank you ears for listening to beautiful things and for being a listening vessel for other people
  • thank you eyes for allowing me to see this world- good and bad
  • thank you mouth- you allow me to sing and express myself

I laid there and I cried and I changed.

i am grateful.


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